Gold Jewelry Buyers for Manalapan Township, NJ

Do you need extra money? One of the best ways to get it is to sell your unwanted or unneeded gold and silver jewelry. Most people have rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets that they may have bought or inherited, and these can be worth a lot of money. The silver and gold jewelry buyers at World Wide Gold Buyers and Silver, LLC, will give you the best value for your jewelry.

We're located in Marlboro, NJ, and we serve Manalapan Township, NJ, and the surrounding areas.

What We Buy

When we say that we buy gold and silver jewelry, we mean anything gold or silver. Everything from watches to necklaces to chains to rings to bracelets, we take them all. And we ensure that you get the highest price possible.

When you come to our shop, the process will go as follows:

  • We will test your jewelry to find out which type of gold it is. White, yellow, and rose all value differently, and the karat value also affects the price.
  • We will remove any stones or gems and return them to you.
  • We will separate the jewelry according to karat and determine each piece's weight.
  • We will calculate the total value of the jewelry you brought us, and then, if you decide to sell, we'll pay you in cash.

Remember, we test the jewelry and complete all of these steps in front of you, so you know we won't give you an unfair price. Plus, we take jewelry in all conditions, so if your bracelet is broken or your ring is warped, you can still sell it to us.

Why Come to Us

World Wide Gold Buyers and Silver, LLC, is open seven days a week, and we have over 30 years of experience in this industry. We pride ourselves in paying the highest price available, and we make sure that you feel comfortable and unpressured throughout the process.

Contact us today at 732-490-5500 to learn about our silver and gold jewelry buying services.

turn your jewelry into cash
World Wide Gold Buyers
and Silver, LLC
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Marlboro, NJ 07726
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Store Hours
9am to 7pm Monday to Friday
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cash for bling

"Junk" has never been this valuable!

We buy broken jewelry, single earrings, scratched pendants, knotted, broken or kinked chains, gold coins and used jewelry!

The value is in the precious metal content found in each item. After the item is refined, the precious metal can be taken and recycled.